YMMV footies (Koigu one skein)



YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary) FOOTIES

How’s that for non-committal?
I wear a US size 7 shoe and my foot measures 9.25 inches in length.  I had ten yards leftover from a skein of Koigu that weighed 52 grams.
One skein of Koigu
US size 1 (2.25mm) needles, two circs, magic loop, or DPNs – your choice

Cast on 56 stitches
Row 1 – Knit
Row 2-5 – *k1, p1, repeat from *

Begin lace pattern.  Lace pattern is based on 8 stitches and is repeated 7 times around.
Row 1 – *p1, k7, repeat from *
Row 2 – *p1, sl 1, k1, psso, yo, k3, yo, k2tog, repeat from *
Row 3 – *p1, k7, repeat from *
Row 4 – *p1, k2, yo, slip 2 stitches tog knitwise, k1, pass two slipped stitches over, yo, k2, repeat from *

Knit lace pattern two times (you now have 13 rows) and knit the heel of your choice.  If you want to knit a short row heel as pictured, move stitches around on your needles until you have 28 stitches for your heel.  I was using two circs (each containing 28 stitches), so the stitches were already divided in half.  I can’t give better instructions for a short row heel than Cosmic Pluto’s tutorial, which is located here.

After you’ve finished your heel and are ready to begin your foot, knit Row 1 of the lace pattern AND PURL THE NEXT STITCH from the heel section of your sock.  This will give you a nice row of purl stitches on each side of the lace pattern going down your foot.  You’ll now have 29 stitches on the top of the foot needle and 27 stitches on the foot needle.  Continue knitting the lace pattern until 2” before you reach your toe.  For me, that was 19 pattern repeats.

Knit three rows and begin toe decreases.  Star Toe decreases are as follows:

Row 1 – *k12, k2tog, repeat from * (4 stitches decreased)
Row 2 – knit
Row 3 – *k11, k2tog, repeat from *
Row 4 – knit

Continue decreasing in this manner until you have a total of 28 stitches, then decrease every round until you have 8 stitches left.  Cut yarn and draw through remaining stitches, weave your ends and you’re done!

All contents and pictures property of Elizabeth Blake.  Please do not reproduce without express permission.




3 thoughts on “YMMV footies (Koigu one skein)

  1. These are too cute! I have been making plain footies out of 1 skein of Rowan’s Cashsoft 4-ply. You must try! The dang yarn is so soft that I never want to take the dang footies off (even though it’s been too warm for socks here)! Thanks for posting this great pattern!


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