Seaweed Cowl


 L = Wrong side; R =  Right side

Seaweed Cowl (reversible)

by Elizabeth Blake


110-120 yards worsted weight yarn

US size 8 circular needle (5.0 mm)

Stitch marker


Cast on 84 stitches and join, placing stitch marker at beginning of round

Rows 1-2: p4, k2

Rows 3-4: p3, k3

Rows 5-6: p2, k4

Rows 7-8: p1, *k4, p2, repeat from *, ending with k4, p1

Rows 9-10: p1, *k3, p3, repeat from *, ending with k3, p2

Rows 11-12: p1, *k2, p4, repeat from *, ending with k2, p3

Repeat Rows 1-12 four times, bind off by purling two together, slip stitch back to needle,

purl 2 tog, repeat until all stitches are bound off.







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