Seems a finishing frenzy has struck at my house!

First I finished the upcoming birthday boy quilt:

and the back:

I quilted this before I got all brave with free motion quilting, so it’s meandering wavy lines using my walking foot.

Then I finished the quilt mountain!

Again, I quilted the main section of the top with wavy lines, but knew I needed something different for the plain sides – that’s when I decided to try my hand at free motion quilting.  Unfortunately, I didn’t allow for fabric shrinkage when I planned how much fabric to add to make the quilt queen-sized…I simply didn’t think about it.

It *barely* fits our bed!  Live and learn!  (btw – making this quilt required, for my enjoyment, purchasing a new bedskirt and new pillow shams, which I found for $12.99 each at Home Goods!  I couldn’t believe it, bed skirts were at least $45 everywhere else I looked.  Love a good bargain!)  I’ve made the bed every day since finishing the quilt.

I’ve also finished some small knitting projects – two pair of socks.

These flew off the needles.  I got the yarn (Trekking, old colorway) at the Destin Spin-In and love it.  I’d like a sweater from this yarn, actually.

Some say it’s manly, but I like it too!

Jaywalkers, from another yarn I got at the spin-in – String Theory Colorworks Continnuum in the Chlorobium Tepidum colorway.  Let me tell you, knitting these was addictive!  That little bit of cashmere (10%) goes a long way, the yarn was bouncy and soft and scrumptious.

And, that’s all the FOs, folks!  For now.  I have finally put together a quilt sandwich with this top from September 2010 and I’ve either lost the binding or never made it in the first place.  I think simple quilting lines and a black and white striped binding are called for.


it’s Macro May!

Expect to be subjected to multiple random photographs!

I recently discovered the dry rub.  Can I just say – this is so easy and SOOO good!  The above collection of spices is for Jamacian Jerk dry rub, recipe found here.  Nothing too outrageous, I had all the ingredients on hand.  Slapped it on chicken breasts, let them sit for several hours in the fridge and then roasted in the oven.


Also – folks have wandered over from Vicki’s oatmeal post and I don’t think I ever posted the recipe here, so here ’tis:

My mix is:  3 cups regular oatmeal (not quick), 1/2 cup sliced almonds, 1/2 cup
walnut bits, 4 packets NuNaturals NuStevia (other brands might be sweeter
or less sweet) and 1 tsp. cinnamon.  I put it all in a quart size baggie and take it to work – put about 1/2 cup in a coffee cup and add hot water.  The mix lasts me about seven days, and I’ve calculated the nutrients to be 194 calories, 26 carbs, 7 fat, 7 protein.

In case anyone else comes looking.  ;o)

Just checking in

to say hi!

I spent most of yesterday buried under quilt mountain!  This free motion quilting thing is addictive!  (the picture is horrendous but was too funny not to share)

More later!

a little of this, a little of that

Seems my blogging is all over the place lately – quilting, spinning, hiking, I guess it reflects my activities and general lack of focus.  Oh well.  How about more quilting?!?

I finished this quilt top last weekend, it’s a birthday present for a little guy who routinely steals his mother’s quilt (that I also made).  I measured it this morning with plans to go shopping for backing fabric at lunch but it was raining buckets so maybe tomorrow…

I never tire of the stained glass quilt top shots!

I finished that on Saturday and on Sunday was still itching to sew but couldn’t settle on a pattern.  Just like knitting projects, there are so many quilts I want to make!  I’ve been dreaming of a bright, sunny, springtime quilt and when I couldn’t decide what I wanted to make first, I did the right thing and pulled out a quilt top I started last year, got about 90% done with and then forgot about.  I sewed together the blocks and now I have to find a little more fabric to bring it up to queen size, and of course, fabric for the back.  Blurg.  That’s always the non-fun part – the actual finishing.  No pictures yet, though!

I do have pictures of these:

Little mug rugs, one for my daughter (the weirdly scientific creatures one) and one for my husband!  Fussy cutting is so much fun!  I need more fabric!

And the backs.  I definitely need to work on my free motion quilting, also my corners.

Also – my arugula is pretty close to being harvest-ready!

I’m hoping to get a salad from it next week.  I need to research how to remove leaves and still keep the plant growing, at least until the farmer’s market is in full swing.  Gotta feed the habit!

Lastly – check out this salamander SB saw on his hiking trip last weekend!!!

So cool!

It looks fake, doesn’t it?

I want to put it in my pocket.

See ya later, Sally!




wash day

Thank you for the lovely comments on my last post!  I took Friday off and was blissfully away from the computer all weekend – so I haven’t sent personal replies like I try to do with each comment, but I enjoyed reading them all!

The past few months I’ve had a pile of handspun growing on the counter in our nook.  We had beautiful weather this weekend and Saturday I WASHED ALL THE YARN and hung it out on the line to dry.

On the far right is a highly textured yarn from Crosspatch Creations batts that I can only refer to as clown barf.

It is every color of the rainbow with a ton of silk nubs and I think it will make an excellent French Market Bag.

Next on the line is Shetland dyed by the imitable Adrian.  I had 8 ounces and separated some of the colors out of one 4 oz. package earlier this year.  There was a lot of orange leftover, so I spun and plied that by itself, and spun the other 4 ounces without separating the colors for some good-ole barberpole action.

Next is February’s Hello Yarn club fiber – Corriedale in “Dark Waves.”

600 yards of chain plied goodness.  I was surprised to spin this so thin – Corriedale is typically fluffier for me, but this wanted to be thin, thin, thin.  I spent four days plying it.

So it deserves another picture.  I’m thinking of making a plus quilt with these colors.

I lost the tag so I can only guess about the fiber content of this.  I know it was dyed by River’s Edge and I bought it at the January Spin-In this year (so you’d think I’d remember).  I think there’s some bamboo and silk, maybe BFL.  At any rate, it’s very silky and I love the subtle colors!

The little skein second from the left has been hanging around so long I don’t know what it is or even where it came from!  It’s pretty though.

Last is some super-squishy merino in Overfond, another Adrian creation.  Love it!  And I have another 4 ounces to spin.

When I put these away in the under-the-bed storage container that is now almost 100% handspun, I wondered what will I ever do with all this yarn?  I mean really, it’s crazy.  I have so much.  Maybe I should sell it.  Maybe I should practice spinning thicker (most of this is fingering to DK weight) and sell that.  Maybe I’ll just pull it out occasionally and pet it.  Or maybe I’ll save it for retirement projects.

What would you do?

spring break

For the past few years, we’ve gone camping and hiking over spring break – several times to the Foster Falls area on the Cumberland Plateau.  This year we changed it up a bit and went to Big South Fork, just a little further west.

The spring flowers were really starting to bloom – not surprising given temps 30 degrees above normal!

We hiked to Yahoo Falls and Yahoo Arch – both trails were green and lush and a bit muddy from the hours and hours of rain Saturday night.  We learned that our tents need the seams sealed again, and if rain is in the forecast, to avoid camping at the bottom of a slope.  It wasn’t too terrible, a version of Chinese Water Torture is all.

The next day we hiked to Twin Arches, which is what the name implies – enormous arches formed by years of erosion.

Lots of opportunity for rock climbing, which made the part-mountain-goat boy happy!

I didn’t take my camera, I used my cell phone camera and I can definitely tell that the shots aren’t as good, they’re not as clear.  Next time, I’ll carry the point and shoot.

That won’t be for awhile unless the weather cools off!  I shared the shower with a mosquito this morning.  Already it’s begun.