A few things

1.  I don’t consider myself really clean until I’ve used Q-Tips.  I love Q-Tips.  If I ever hike the A.T., I’ll have to allocate space in the pack for Q-Tips or I’d be miserable.  Edited to add:  Obviously, I’m talking about cleaning my ears here, people.  I’m not THAT weird! 

2.  I’m a little psychic.  No, I didn’t mean to type “psychotic.”  Sometimes I can tell that things are going to happen before they do.  It’s like a deja vu feeling in reverse.  Examples – one time I was sitting in my apartment and had a “flashforward” of my lights going out.  I was wondering if I’d mailed the electricity bill and then the lights actually did go out.  Turns out some kids were fooling with the breaker box and had thrown a breaker that turned out my lights.  Another example is when SB and I were up at Mt. LeConte in the Smokies, I was in our cabin and SB went to the lodge to lock up our food for the night (keeps the mousies away).  I was sitting in the cabin, alone, and I knew that he was up there talking to one of the Mt. LeConte guys about thru-hiking the A.T., and even the things they were both saying.  When SB got back to the cabin, I recounted the conversation to him and he was a little freaked out.  Good thing he only said nice things about me!  I also predicted snow a couple of years ago, but that’s probably an ability leftover from growing up in Indiana.

3.  I have to shuffle cards at least three times.  If SB and I are playing Canasta, I shuffle my half of the deck three times before swapping half the cards with him, then I have to shuffle that three times, and so forth.  I don’t do it for luck; I do it because takes three shuffles to be COMPLETE. 


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4 thoughts on “A few things

  1. i’m psychic like that too. and i listed it as one of my 6 weird things. the most recent one happened a couple of weeks ago. i was driving home from work one day and thinking that i must be close to 50,000 miles. the last time i had looked i was in the low 49,000. anyway, at that moment i looked at my odometer and i was at 50,000 right on the nose.


  2. I have similar psychic things happen unfortunately, they’re more feelings in the back of my head and I don’t really “hear” them until what they were about has already happened and THEN I remember I had a feeling about that thing. Not terribly useful. I was putting air in my tires one day and got a “feeling” about my hub caps. The next day I found all four had been stolen during the night. I wish I could find a way to pay attention when I first have those feelings instead of recognize them after the fact.


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