going home

This weekend we’re going to Indiana for my family reunion.  There will be relatives there I haven’t seen for years – some for decades.  It’s been over 25 years since I moved away.  There will be aunts, uncles, cousins – my cousin’s children’s children! – it’s hard to wrap my mind around.

It’s comforting to think of going home.  Being around people who have known me my whole life.  People who know my history.  People who love me because of who I am or even, just because I am.  People who may not know my day to day life very well (although facebook has changed that somewhat), but who know ME.  Know where I came from.  Know my history.  Share my past.

It’s something I took for granted when I lived there.  Part of being young, I think, you don’t realize how special and fleeting the sense of love and acceptance that comes from being HOME can be.  You grow up, you move on, you have your own family and you make your own home, but it’s different.  It can be wonderful in its own way, but different.


10 thoughts on “going home

  1. I hope the reunion went well! It’s hard for me to really grasp this, since I live within 15 miles of my childhood home. But I’m so glad you’re getting this chance to feel the comfort of family and friends who have always known you!


  2. You put in words so eloquently what I feel whenever I go back to WVa…or WVa comes out here to visit! 😉 You can spend half a lifetime with a partner or ‘adult’ friends but so much of who you are and why comes from those experiences had during childhood. And only family and childhood friends really know that. I hope your reunion was a blast!


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