the yarn edition

Like I said, I’ve been spinning…

700+ yards of three ply – Superwash Panda Fiber Sock Batts from The Cupcake Fiber Company.  I bought these in March 2011, can’t believe I waited so long to spin it!

400+ yards of chain plied Villain, March’s Hello Yarn Club fiber.  This is also a blend of superwash merino, bamboo and nylon.  These will be some awesome socks!

250ish yards of mystery wool with sari silk bits – no idea what this will be!

I don’t remember the yardage on this but I had 8 oz. of it, I think it was around 700.  Another Hello Yarn Fiber Club offering – Broken Things on Falkland wool.  One of these days I’ll knit up a crazy blanket with all my multi-colored handspun.  I certainly have enough of it.

Just to cleanse the pallet, here’s a picture of the boy practicing his guitar!  He’s going to be a junior this year.  I am dumbfounded.

Yet another Hello Yarn Fiber Club offering – Splendid on Romney.  This just wanted to be singles, although I hardly ever spin singles.  The staple length was really long, I think it’ll be lovely in something lacy.

And this is what I’m spinning now – Pate de Fruit on Rambouillet.  I’ve never spun Rambouillet before – it’s similar to merino I think, very bouncy and poofy.

Honestly, I’ll be happy when this spin is finished.  I think I might be all spun out.  I’ve reached that stage that seems to come at the end of every season – I don’t want to work on any current projects.  I’m bored with it all.  But since so much of my yarn is in storage (and I haven’t missed it! Shocker!), finishing up current projects is pretty much my only option.  Which is probably a good thing, but nothing to get excited over!



12 thoughts on “the yarn edition

  1. Such pretty yarn you’ve made! I tend to spin more than knit in the summertime, and that’s been true again this year. I’m way behind you in output though. When does the stash come out of storage?


  2. Such beautiful spinning! You really have been busy. Let me know if/when you want to do a Joan along. I might be able to find some yarn somewhere ;^)


  3. WHOA. Yes, you have! I am especially enamored with that first Hello Yarn skein. DIVINE. I think a multi-colored handspun blanket should definitely be in your queue. 😉


  4. Wow, you have been spinning! So much beautiful yarn. You have a nice range of colors/weights/textures, too. You’ll have a great stash to dive into anyway, when you decide you’re ready for it. =)


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