school’s out!

I feel like I’m the one on summer vacation!  Except for the whole going to work thing.  But no more checking homework assignments on-line!  No more hounding the boy to work on projects!  And he passed chemistry and geometry!  Ah…bliss!

I’ve started a new quilt for my mother’s birthday in August, using Laura Gunn’s Poppy collection that I’ve had for about two years.  These are beautiful fabrics!

Here’s a peek.  I found a vinyl tablecloth with flannel backing for $5 and created a design wall in the bedroom on the only bare wall in the house!  I have a feeling the design wall will be up more than it’s down…  The picture stuck in the corner is my weight loss inspiration:

I’m guessing that was – oh, well thank you Santa, it was Summer ’03.  Nine years ago.  I can get back there, right?  Just going to take willpower and a lot of hard work.  To be honest with you, I’ve fallen way off the wagon.  I’m still holding the ten pounds I gained over the holidays and I’ve been so lax when it comes to working out.  There always seems to be some excuse – run errands instead, work through lunch to leave early on Friday, coming down with a horrific cold/sinus infection.  I have excuses for days.  But, I’m thinking about doing a 14 week challenge sponsored by Tom Venuto, whose books I’ve read and whose opinion I respect.  Grand prize is a trip to Hawaii, and I’m in it to win it!  And even if I don’t win the grand prize, I’ll finish with a better body and be back on the road to a healthy lifestyle.

And I guess now that I’ve blogged about it, I have to do it.



14 thoughts on “school’s out!

  1. I know what you mean about that school’s out feeling. We’ve still got a few weeks left but then our schedule changes, too, since Dale doesn’t have to get up so freaking early. I’m with you on the weight loss and working out thing. I am, I am!


  2. Ooh, the quilt! I do love the Poppy line (and all Laura Gunn, for that matter). The start of your quilt looks awesome!

    And I’m proud of you for publicly stating your goal. GOod luck!! I am right there with you on the not doing much front. But you have a plan! And that is worth something.

    Don’t you wish we could have a summer vacation?


  3. Ah, I wish I had that ‘school’s out’ feeling…summer only brings stress to my life now! Look at you all slim and trim with Santa! You can definitely get back to that! Good luck with your 14-day challenge. I’m been lax all winter and pretty frustrated with myself. But then again, I’ll be going on a forced diet for months so most of what I’ve gained will drop off. The key will be when I get back in fall…I get tired of the constant struggle as I’m sure you do as well. Good luck though!


  4. The quilt is beautiful! Congratulations on being “out” of school, too. A whole summer to enjoy.

    It’s funny…this year the beginning of summer signals the going back to school for me; I’ll be busily setting up my new lab starting in just a couple of weeks. I guess I’d better make a point to enjoy some of the few days I have left, huh?


  5. What a great idea with the tablecloth. I’m going to have to try that. The quilt is looking great! Good luck with getting healthier! I know how hard it is.


  6. Mom is going to LOOOOOVE that quilt! You’re so ahead of the game! I’m going to get her the Fifty Shades trilogy.


    Can’t wait to see you this weekend!!!


  7. this is a test to see if I can edit the comment.

    the rain stays mainly on the plain. Or so they say. If I ever go to Spain, I sure hope it doesn’t rain! Hey, I can edit my comment! Awesomesauce!!!


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