signs of spring

You can’t rely on groundhogs around here.  A much better indication of spring is when my lenten rose starts blooming, and it’s been blooming for a couple of weeks.  (I’m tempted to use an exclamation point but I’m not excited to see spring – we haven’t had winter yet!).

I decided to chance it and planted arugula in a huge pot a few weeks ago.  When they get a little bigger, I’ll thin them out and that’s when the huge snow will arrive.  Ha!  I’ve lived in Alabama 25 years and we’ve had ONE huge snow!  Maybe this will be the year… and yes, I say that every year.

When it arrives, I’ve got the wool!  More little skeinlets, spun at the January Spin-In in Destin last week.

I also spun 2 oz. of a wool/mohair/angora blend I got at SAFF for $6.  It has beautiful drape and that wonderful sheepy smell – a definite win!

I also cast on for a new sweater!

What is it with me and brown?  This is the Fuse Cardigan from Wool People, Vol. 2, knit from 3 skeins of Brooks Farm Acero bought at SAFF last year.  I’m not alternating skeins or anything, I’m just forging ahead, pooling be damned.

You can kinda see the lace pattern here.  I think it’ll be very wearable, and the silk and nylon content of the yarn will provide lots of drape.  I have no idea how they got the original yarn to drape so well, it’s 100% wool!  The magic of blocking, I suppose.

That’s what I’ve been working on… new projects while the old still languish (Lady Eleanor is STILL on my dining room table, the cat has claimed it as his bed).  I’ll get back to them eventually!

What have you been working on?

14 thoughts on “signs of spring

  1. We haven’t had much of a winter here either but I’m okay with that. And I’m jealous of your spring. I’ve been knitting the TTL Mystery Socks plus another pair of socks and the Epic Sock Blanket.


  2. Beautiful yarns! And I know what you mean about hot having had a winter. I feel kind of cheated, really. This may be our last winter in the Midwest, and it was depressingly not-snowy. It’s hard to complain about nice weather, but I really /like/ winter…

    Not that I like spring any less. I can’t believe it’s almost time to be looking for signs of it!


  3. Nice colors in the photo of the skeinlets ;-o

    …and that Brooks Farm Acero…just slips through the fingers onto the needles, yes? such a pleasure to work with!


  4. Our crocuses are popping their heads out but I’m hoping we have a really wet spring, because we need it.

    That Fuse cardigan is really interesting/lovely! I’ve got a thing for browns myself. I love the heathery bits in your yarn.


  5. What are your plans for the mini skeins? I’m currently working on a 2 color brioche cowl (test knit) with Malabrigo Silky and the Ten Stitch Blanket with Knit Picks Felici Sport for our future little one. Both seem to be slow going, but enjoyable. I think that’s mostly because I’m tired after work.


  6. I can imagine that you aren’t ready yet for spring in Alabama…cuz it means summer is right on its heels! In Oregon, we’ve been having terribly fickle weather…sunny and warm one day, snow and ice the next. I doubt that any flowers will dare show their face for at least another month no matter how mother nature tries to trick us!

    Cute skein-lets. And I’m looking forward to seeing that sweater…I think it’s a beautiful pattern but can’t quite get my head around how one wears it! So make sure we get a modeled shot!


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