keeping on

Ah, the spinning continues. . . slowly!  I have two bobbins done for the second mega-skein, just started the third last night.

I knit a sleeve with the first skein and it’s perfect.  The stitch substitution is spot-on and I just love it.  I think this sweater will be my winter coat!  I decided to spin more before continuing the knitting, which is slow-going and monotonous.  And necessary.  When this mega-skein is finished, I’ll have to knit awhile to build up my spinning reserves.

Because yeah, I want to wear this NOW!

This weekend I made tomato jam, the last item on my list of my must-make-this.  I wish I could say all these tomatoes are from our garden, but I got them at the farmer’s market (the little ones are ours).  Our tomato plants have “the wilt” and it’s just a matter of time before they are history.  At least our yield far surpassed last year’s whopping ONE tomato crop!  We’ve gotten enough to have a homegrown tomato on our lunchtime salads most days, which has been nice.

I borrowed from several recipes and the ingredient list of a locally-made tomato chutney that we love, and it will either be really, really good, or a complete waste of time!

I’m letting it age for 30 days or so and then we’ll do a taste test.  My goal is a spicy-sweet jam to serve with cheese and crackers, but I’m worried that I made it too spicy.  If it’s good, I’ll post the recipe!

Had to take this photo last week – can you see the moon?


17 thoughts on “keeping on

  1. Your jam looks a lot darker than mine did, and I hope you find it to be delicious! Your sweater sleeve is beautiful. I just love the stitch you chose to replace the cables. Ooh, and I do see the moon. Great shot!


  2. That last picture is awesome!

    Tomato jam?? I can’t wait to hear how it turns out. I love the spicy jams with cheese and crackers — yeeeeummm!

    I still haven’t made the peach jam yet — the peaches were all mouldy. 😦
    Since then I have bought peaches 2xn and haven’t had the chance to cook them up.


  3. I agree with Erica. Amazing cuff. ‘Tis perfect! You’ll keep it away from the chutney/jam, won’t you? It sounds scrummy but bet it will stain.

    I thought of you as Irene hit the East Coast. I predicted a mess but nothing like Birmingham. Hope the clean up and recovery in your area is proceeding well.


  4. That sweater is going to be gorgeous! I love how the new stitch pattern is working out – the texture is perfect for handpsun.

    I hope the jam turns out well! Is it easier to wait the 30 days when you’re not sure how it’s going to turn out?

    You’d asked why I haven’t yet spun for a sweater – it’s because I have yet to see a fiber I liked (in person) where there was enough available to make a sweater. Chicago isn’t exactly a spinning mecca. Where did you get the blend you’re using?


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